For Alumni

Summer Symposium

Do you miss Great Books Seminar conversations? Each summer, PLS holds a week-long Summer Symposium for PLS alumni. The Symposium is a week of seminars for alumni/ae of the Program, their relatives and friends, and anyone else eager to read and discuss important texts and ideas as part of a welcoming and lively intellectual community. PLS alumna Megan Koreman '86 has said of participating in the Symposium,

"To take the time to read a text closely and have the opportunity to discuss it with others who know how to read carefully and argue courteously is to throw a lifeline back to our optimistic, college selves. It has made me feel truly like a part of the Notre Dame family and not just a potential donor or a person who stops by to light a candle at the Grotto on a long-distance car trip." 

The topics, texts, and registration information for the upcoming Symposium is announced typically in December. Information about the upcoming or most recent Symposium can be found on the Summer Symposium page.     


Are you on the mailing list for Programma? Programma (the Greek word means “public notice”) is published once each year by the Program of Liberal Studies for its graduates. More substantial than a newsletter, Programma is a compilation of the year's activities, lectures, speeches, and awards. You can download the most recent issue or contact the PLS office to receive your copy. You can find an archive of Programma issues going back to January 1977 on the Programma archive page.

Seminars VII and VIII

If six "Great Books" seminars were not enough, PLS alumnus Brian Farmer '89 surveyed PLS faculty and received nearly 100 recommendations. Happy Reading!