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Battle with Homer. Converse with Plato. Meditate with Śāntideva. Seek with Anselm. Journey with Dante. Behold with Julian. Doubt with Descartes. Reflect with Kant. Love with Austen. Create with Shelley. Live with Thoreau. Evolve with Darwin. Work with Marx. Sing with Du Bois. Dream with MLK.

What is the Program of Liberal Studies? What can I do with a PLS degree?

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Patrick Lee, PLS '23, elected Student Body President

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PLS welcomes Professor Arman Schwartz

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Judge Steven Bell, PLS '75, re-experiences "the simple joy of learning"

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At the core of the Program of Liberal Studies are the six Great Books Seminars that begin in ancient Greece and end in mid-twentieth century America. Along the way, students and faculty read a range of texts from various disciplines and geographies that have been chosen for their depth of insight into human lives and societies, their moral and aesthetic value, and their historical influence.