Requirements and Courses

PLS students follow a fully-required, integrated curriculum consisting of six Great Books seminars, thirteen disciplinary tutorials, and a senior essay. These courses are carefully designed to build upon one another, so that as students make their way through the program, their knowledge and skills increase exponentially.

Great Books Seminars

Six, four-credit Great Books seminars are at the center of our curriculum. The texts that you will read in the Great Books seminars have been chosen by the faculty on the basis of their enduring value and considerable influence on the subsequent tradition.


The tutorials are three-credit courses, each grounded in the methods of a specific discipline, that allow for a more concentrated focus on particular texts and topics. PLS has tutorial sequences in philosophy, literature, theology, science, fine arts, and intellectual and cultural history. Like the seminars, the tutorials build on one another, so that what one learns in an earlier course serves as a foundation for subsequent study.

Senior Thesis

All PLS students write a senior thesis. In the senior thesis tutorial, seniors work one-on-one with a Program professor on a topic of particular interest to the student. Many of the senior thesis written by PLS students are truly extraordinary. Written on every possible topic and theme, they enable students to demonstrate how far they have come in the three years they spend in the Program and how much they have achieved.


PLS majors are able to supplement their PLS courses with electives from other departments. Many pursue second majors, minors, or concentrations in a variety of other areas.

Requirements and List of Courses

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