Prospective Students

The Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) is a three-year prescribed sequence of seminars and tutorials anchored in the Western and Catholic traditions.

Each semester, students take a Great Books seminar in which they meet twice-weekly to discuss texts that have proven to be of enduring value and that have exercised substantial influence on Western culture and intellectual life. The seminars follow a chronological sequence, beginning sophomore year with ancient Greece and ending senior year with the mid-twentieth century.

Alongside the seminars, students follow a required sequence of 13 tutorials, more topically-oriented lecture-discussion courses in literature, philosophy, science, theology, intellectual and cultural history, political theory, and fine arts.

The entire curriculum is taught by professors committed to the goals of undergraduate education in the liberal arts. Small classes, an emphasis on discussion, and numerous social and intellectual events enable students and faculty form a strong intellectual, spiritual, and social community. The inquiry of the classroom is continued in many informal ways in the halls, lounges, chapels, and faculty offices.

Upon graduation, the student is prepared for a wide range of careers (including fields such as law, medicine, education, business, and academic scholarship), and the variety of paths pursued by Program alumni/ae testifies to the value of a PLS education.

PLS Application