Current Students

Academic Resources

You may have questions regarding study abroad, tutorials, or pursuing a second major. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will help you with questions regarding courses and scheduling, but remember that all PLS faculty members can provide invaluable guidance regarding graduate school, careers, or other important decisions.

The PLS Community

Program of Liberal Studies students are recognized for their depth, for the close ties that exist between them, and for their friendly relationships with their professors.

Our tight -knit community is no accident. Its history shows that PLS was formed by trailblazing intellectuals who sought to legitimze discussion-based learning. PLS continues to focus on community by holding several social events throughout the year, including an Opening Charge, the All Souls' Mass, and the Cronin Banquet.

Students and faculty volunteer to share their love of learning with local students by volunteering to lead Junior Great Books Seminars and the World Masterpieces Seminar at the Center for the Homeless.

Life After Graduation

PLS students are often asked, "What will you do after you graduate?"  The answer is, "Anything and everything!" As our graduates will tell you, PLS offers a foundation in the liberal arts that will be invaluable to you no matter what your career path may be.

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