Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee is the formal representative voice for Program of Liberal Studies students. Student representatives are elected jointly by the students and faculty. The committee advises the chair and serves as a sounding board for student-faculty issues.

Student Advisory Committee members


  1. Caitlyn Fennelly

  2. Madeline Foley

  3. Isobel Grogan

  4. Francisco Hernandez

  5. Thomas Murphy

  6. Eleanor Wood


  1. Sara Ferraro

  2. Connor Loesch

  3. James Moster

  4. Mary Myler

  5. Luke Stringfellow

  6. Catherine Von Dohlen


  1. John Babbo

  2. Emma Barrett

  3. Corrinne Carlson

  4. Patrick Lee

  5. Quinn McKenna

  6. Mark Mehochko