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"Beyond providing me with an incredible undergraduate experience, many lifelong friends, and a lasting love of reading, PLS helped solidify my passion for human development and gave me the skills I needed to be successful as I pursue that passion."

When I arrived at Notre Dame in 2008 I had a budding interest in both business and development work.  Because of this I was unsure of a "non-practical" major like PLS, but the opportunity to read through the literary cannon and spend each class period wrestling with some of life's most profound questions was too intriguing to ignore.  In the PLS program I was engaged in every single class, learning how to think quickly on my feet and articulate complex ideas succinctly, supporting them with evidence lest I be challenge by another one of my well-prepared peers.  I was able to pursue other opportunities to gain business experience by participating in the Arts and Letters Business Boot Camp, securing an internship with the NYC triathlon in NYC during the summer, interning with a finance firm in London while studying abroad, and researching economic development in Johannesburg, South Africa through an ISSLP. 

Immediately after graduation I joined the Boston Consulting Group as an Associate (as a side note all 3 students hired by BCG from Notre Dame that year were A&L majors), in their New York office.  In many ways BCG gave me a "PLS of business" experience as I worked on cases for companies in industries spanning retail and consumer goods, pharmaceutical, private equity, and even education technology.  I also covered projects ranging from two week due diligences to several-month growth strategy cases to 9 month merger integration projects. I was able to learn the hard skills of financial modeling and presentation design on the job, and my PLS background gave me the skills I needed to excel at consuming massive amounts of new information about a new industry and company at the start of each case.  I also consistently relied on my PLS-honed ability to sort through piles of research and reading to extract important information and distill it into a few key words or images for client presentations.

After two years at BCG I got the opportunity to go on secondment with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and pursue my passion for development work as a member of the finance and strategy team.  At the Gates Foundation I was involved in a variety of projects, including leading the effort to model the updated cost to globally eradicate polio for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.  After months of international consensus-building, we determined that completing global eradication would require an additional $1.5B, which kick-started a broad resource mobilization effort.  After a little over a year with the finance and strategy team I switched over to the Integrated Delivery team as an Associate Program Officer, focusing on their internal strategy and primary health care systems strengthening. 

Starting in the fall of 2016 I will be heading to Cambridge to complete a joint MPP/MBA degree at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard School of Business.   As I prepare to return to school, I fondly reflect on my time in the PLS program at Notre Dame and eagerly anticipate experiences which are yet come.  Beyond providing me with an incredible undergraduate experience, many lifelong friends, and a lasting love of reading, PLS helped solidify my passion for human development and gave me the skills I needed to be successful as I pursue that passion.  By learning "how to learn" instead of focusing primarily on content knowledge during my undergraduate career I am confident that I will be able to adapt and thrive in future environments and contexts no matter where life leads me. 

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