Willis D. Nutting Award

And gladly wolde he learne, and gladly teche.

Presented each year to the General Program senior who has contributed most to the education of his or her fellow students, honors simultaneously Dr. Willis D. Nutting, who for two decades in the General Program was a teacher of the love of wisdom, and a student who became, in turn, a teacher himself. Alumni and faculty established this award in June, 1970, at the time of Dr. Nutting's retirement.

Nutting Award Recipients

2019 Joan M. Becker
2018 Alexander P. Hadley
2017 Elaine M. Schmidt
2016 Sherry Zhong
2015 Molly E. Porter
2014 Robert D. Alvarez
2013 Daniel L. Cruickshank
2012 Lauren B. Rasch
2011 Laura E. Lindsley and Cornelius S. Rogers
2010 Peter J. Hochstedler
2009 Michael A. Clemente
2008 Nicholas Houpt
2007 Benjamin T. Kemmy
2006 Michael H. McGinley
2005 Justin B. Halls and Allison E. Murphy
2004 Katie Ellgass
2003 Meghan D. Anderson
2002 Katherine Marie Diaz
2001 Timothy Doenges
2000 Michael Downs
1999 Thomas G. Kilroy
1998 Jeffrey D. Ward
1997 Jeffrey Speaks
1996 J. Patrick Shirey
1995 Kevin J. Biese
1994 Andrew Dinan and David Lyon
1993 John Zaller
1992 Marshall Armintor
1991 Lisa M. Gabany
1990 Michael J. Dunn
1989 Gerard A. Schiela
1988 Gilberto J. Marxuach
1987 Karen L. Blackburn
1986 Jan K. Buchanan
1985 Kathleen W. McGarvey
1984 David A. De Jute
1983 Patricia Anne Fox
1982 Erick N. Haakenson
1981 Annette M. Lang
1980 Alan J. Crowley
1979 Thomas A. Livingston
1978 Anthony F. Phillips
1977 Kenneth A. Taylor
1976 Stephen L. Runde
1975 Joseph E. Winterscheid
1974 Anne Marie Tentler
1973 Albert J. Brenner
1972 O. Bartholomew Bird
1971 Raymond J. Condon