Stephen Rogers Award

The Stephen Rogers Award is named for a student who graduated in 1956. He later became a remarkable asset to our department faculty. Stephen was physically challenged; he was blind. In 1985, Steve died during the final portion of senior essay time. The Rogers Award will be used to support Graduate School Studies for students of the Program of Liberal Studies.

Rogers Award Recipients

2019 Joan M. Becker,  Molly E. Porter, James G. Southard, and Genevieve C. Tuite
2018 Simon J. Brake, Katherine Everett Lobo, Calvin J. Kraft, and Beth R. Spesia
2017 Madeleine M. Cook, Sarah S. Lovejoy, and Stephanie Mueth Pham
2016 Alexander P. Arnold and Margaret R. McDowell
2015 Peter J. Hochstedler
2014 Brennan D. Kruszewski
2013 Richard C. Bevington, III and Sarah N. Smith
2012 Clark DuMontier and Catherine R. Peters
2011 Mary Ann Doughton Wilson and Peter N. Hadley
2010 Alyssa I. Novak
2009 Patrick M. Corrigan, Margaret D. Culhane, and Donald F. Zimmer
2008 Samuel Stoner, Julia Vogelheim, and Brian Walsh
2007 Liam Zakko and Donald F. Zimmer
2006 Katharine E. Burns