Otto A. Bird Award

Cum Musis, id est cum humanitate et doctrina

The Bird Award honors Dr. Otto A. Bird, founder and first Director of the General Program. It is presented each year to that student in the General Program of Liberal Studies whose Senior Essay is adjudged to best exemplify the ideals of liberal learning. Graduates and Faculty established this award in 1975, upon the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Program.

Bird Award Recipients

2019 Joan M. Becker
2018 Calvin J. Kraft
2017 Anna C. Schäffer
2016 Liam E. O'Connor
2015 Christine J. Gibbons
2014 Iona M. Hughan
2013 Katharina T. Bond
2012 Sarah N. Smith
2011 Josef M. Kuhn
2010 Brennan A. McLoughlin
2009 William L. Thanhouser
2008 Brian Walsh
2007 Theresa M. Coughlin
2006 Megan M. Eckerle and Kevin P. McCabe
2005 Elizabeth A. Burke
2004 Katie Ellgass
2003 Katherine Greer Kuras
2002 Eric J. Long
2001 Erin E. Flynn
2000 Patrick Jehle
1999 Patrick Coyle and Eric Nielsen
1998 Katie S. Bagley
1997 Jeffrey Speaks
1996 Gregory Beatty
1995 Amy E. Siddons
1994 Susan Aarestad
1993 Patricia Lynn
1992 David Schindler, Jr.
1991 John Seckinger
1990 James R. Otteson
1989 Jere Recob
1988 Timothy J. Gianotti
1987 Thomas M. Stewart
1986 Elizabeth C. Fenner
1985 Paul J. McElroy
1984 Robert E. O'Donnell
1983 Timothy Bozik and Richard Houghton
1982 Frances Coughlan and Laurie Tychsen
1981 Kenneth T. Kristl
1980 Robert Jones and Lynn Joyce
1979 Robert T. Massa
1978 Terrence K. Livingston
1977 Annemarie Sullivan
1976 Stephen L. Runde