Edward J. Cronin Award

…getting all the lovely words just right

The Edward J. Cronin Award is presented annually to the student in the Program of Liberal Studies who has submitted the outstanding piece of writing in that year. This award honors Dr. Edward J. Cronin whose tireless efforts for good writing distinguished his more than three decades of teaching from the inception of the Program. Alumni, faculty, students, and friends established this award in April, 1982, at the time of Dr. Cronin’s retirement.

Cronin Award Recipients

2019 Si On Lee
2018 Kiera M. Stubbs
2017 Sophia R. Buono
2016 Cassandra A. Dinaro
2015 Molly E. Porter
2014 Katherine Everett
2013 Elizabeth R. Spesia
2012 Katharine M. Stucko
2011 Kathryn R. Petrik
2010 Katherine E. Buetow
2009 Michael P. Benz
2008 Peter Hochstedler
2007 Michael P. Benz
2006 Patrick R. Manning
2005 Claire Hoipkemier
2004 David Retchless
2003 André J. Vincent
2002 Lauren Nicole Clark
2001 Mary Margaret (Mia) Nussbaum
2000 Stacey Fuller
1999 Margaret Colleton
1998 Thomas G. Kilroy
1997 Shawn Gould
1996 Erin Hains and Jeffrey Speaks
1995 Jeffrey Speaks
1994 Jennifer Wamser
1993 Catherine Hechmer
1992 David Lyon
1991 Daniel D. Scheidt
1990 Susan Clements and Peter Lyon
1989 Heather Ann Ingraham
1988 Paul C. Gluckow
1987 Shannon M. Winnubst
1986 Christopher C. Gates
1985 Paul J. McElroy
1984 Sean F. Reardon
1983 Beth Zangmeister