Resources for Alumni

Looking for more Great Books to read?
A PLS graduate compiled a list of Great Books that we didn't read in PLS. Consider tackling Seminars VII and VIII.

Are you on the mailing list for Programma?

More substantial than a newsletter, Programma is a compilation of the year's activities, lectures, speeches, and awards. Contact the PLS office to receive your copy.

Do you miss Great Books Seminar conversations?

Each summer, PLS holds a week-long Summer Symposium for PLS alumni. The symposia give graduates an opportunity to explore one or two of the Great Books as a work of literature and within an historical and cultural context.

Wonder How You Can Support the Program of Liberal Studies?

For the past 50 years, PLS alumni have supported the Program materially and spiritually. Designate your gifts to the University for PLS, or help support a scholarship fund.

Stay in Touch

The intimate bonds formed in the Program of Liberal Studies last far past the college years. Let us know where and how you are!


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